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Ykkösväri Oy in brief


Professional in colors. - This isn´t only words, but the concept how we have been doing business since we opened our doors in 1986. Ykkösväri Oy is established by Martti Volotinen, who have  been in this sector already around 50 years and 43 years of that time working as an entrepreneur. Martti is still working in a company, but since 2016 Paula and Mika Volotinen have been entrepreneurs in Ykkösväri. At the beginning our main product was PPG-car paint, but since 2011 we have been focusing LECHLER paints together with related products. From Lechler we represent following brands: Lechler Refinish, LechlerTech (industry), Stoppani (boats), CHRÈON (housepainting).

When we chose Lechler as co-operation partner most important things together with high quality and competitive products was company´s long history in paint sector which have roots over 150 years long.


We also sell HEMPEL industry paints, which have wide selection of solution for "rough" industry.

At the moment product informations are only in finnish language. Put if you need some information in english, don´t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. You find our contact information in our contact page.

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